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Taking my lead from Columbina, here's the list of interests from my Livejournal profile. It's somewhat outdated, but I could do far worse in trying to describe myself.

80s pop, a prairie home companion, alanis morissette, almanacs, america, american idol, american studies, between the lions, beverly cleary, books, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, calligraphy, calvin trillin, chocolate, christina ricci, christine lavin, clay aiken, comedies, comedy central, copyediting, cover songs, cultural criticism, darlene connor, dave barry, david rakoff, deborah gibson, dictionaries, diet pepsi, doonesbury, dorothy parker, douglas adams, dr. demento, dr. seuss, e-mail, england, english, erotica, escribitionism, esquire, etymology, firefly, food delivery, fred allen, freedom of expression, gender issues, ghirardelli, gordon korman, harriet the spy, harry chapin, homestar runner, house, irony, jack benny, jill sobule, jon stewart, joss whedon, judaism, junk food, karaoke, kazooing, kazoos, kevin smith, kimberley locke, king of the hill, kingdom of loathing, lewis carroll, liberalism, light verse, literature, louisa may alcott, mix cds, mix tapes, moral relativism, ms. pac-man, music, musicals, nancy drew, neologisms, netflix, new york city, newsday, newsradio, novelty music, npr, ogden nash, online journals, pat benatar, pbs, penn and teller, pippi longstocking, pizza, popular culture, prairie dawn, prayer books, pringles, punch an' pie, queen of wands, queens college, reading, reruns, roald dahl, sarah vowell, satire, scrabble, scrubs, seinfeld, sesame street, sexuality, sexy losers, shel silverstein, showtunes, slang, sleep, solitaire, something positive, south park, sports night, star trek, strong bad, style manuals, suzanne vega, t-shirts, team rocket, terry pratchett, the aclu, the daily show, the first amendment, the internet, the muppets, the rock bottom remainders, the simpsons, they might be giants, this american life, thrift stores, tina fey, tom lehrer, transcendentalism, unitarian universalism, veggietales, venus envy, vikram seth, warm weather, weird al yankovic, wendy's, wikipedia, women's studies, words, writing, yu-gi-oh!

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