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This is the person who runs this site. You may file grievances, if you find them unsuitable for my talk page, at columbina at eccentricflower dot com. Putting [EF] at the start of the subject line of your message will greatly achieve your chances of surviving extreme unction by spam filter.

If for some reason you need, and have access to, look at the Brain Dump - it starts here.

Here's my old (but still accurate) LiveJournal "interests" list. I've written a lot of bios over the years, and I've sort of gotten out of the business, and frankly I think my interests are more interesting than the facts of life anyway.

advertising, advertising criticism, alan moore, aviation, beer, beermaking, big bands, bizarre news, booze 101, calendars, cartography, chinese, chinese food, chocolate, coffee, computer games, connie willis, cynicism, dark humor, fetishes, fetishwear, film criticism, film reviews, folklore, folktales, forgotten skills, geek hate, geek love, geek rock, gender, hardware, hieroglyphics, holidays, home repair, home wiring, iconoclasm, industrial design, internet security, isaac asimov, james bond, japanese culture, languages, locked room mysteries, louisiana music, misanthropy, mythology, nero wolfe, new technology, novelty recordings, o henry, perversity, poetic forms, pop culture, pornography, puzzles, ragtime, raymond scott, sexuality, sherlock holmes, showtunes, spike jones, sturgeon's law, technological excess, the avengers, the saint, they might be giants, transformations, transgender issues, warner brothers cartoons, web commerce, web development, wine, world history

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