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A Valentine's Day Exercise
15 February 1998

I know, I know, Valentine's Day was yesterday, but I've been meaning to do this particular page for a long time, and Valentine's seemed like the appropriate moment.

Danger! This page contains exposed breasts. (Eek!) You have been warned.

This is a little puzzle. In each of these pictures, which I have altered to try to handicap them as much as possible, one of the models is from the well-known Victoria's Secret catalog, purveyors of fine flimsies to the world. The other model is from the Dream Dresser catalog, (former) makers of cheap fetish wear for those who don't know how to find (or can't afford) the good stuff.

Your job in each taste is to separate the closeted, forbidden fetish merchandise from the mainstream, mass-market, socially acceptable lingerie.

I think I've arranged them in order of increasing difficulty.



Lingerie is too easy, eh? Okay, how about the little black dress?


Okay, so it's not a tricky puzzle for the discerning. In each case the Dream Dresser model is the one on the right.

The difference in all cases is about two inches of exposure. Pretty silly, right? With the lingerie, there is a definite DMZ that Vickie's doesn't cross - I have five Victoria's Secret catalogs here on the floor, and in no case are nipples ever exposed, whereas in Dream Dresser brassieres, no nipples are ever covered. But the two evening dresses differ from each other only in the size of the cutouts over the hips.

Valentine's is when the lingerie gets really silly. We wonder about some of this merchandise. We're all lingerie fans at Stay Tuned headquarters, but none of us would consider wearing the Valentine's specials. You know, the really frou-frou stuff with the marabou trim and the little hearts and so forth. We figure that men get this for their wives because they think that's what they want to see their wives in, and wives wear it because they think that's what their husbands want to see them in ... and in many cases they're both mistaken.

Oh, well.

No, there's no real point to this exercise - no heavy moral - nor is it really a column, just sort of a frivolity. Just remember how fine a line separates what's "respectable" and what's not.

And, just to muddy the water a little further, here's a bonus.


The dress is made of leatherlike material. So are the boots. The question is: Which of the two catalogs is this figure taken from?

That's it. I get to goof off on a weekend occasionally. If you really want to know the answer, you could always send email.


[February 2007:] At this late date, I don't remember the answer. I am tempted to say it looks like a Dream Dresser product, but that probably means it was the other - and I notice that the flesh tones from the Vicki's catalog scanned darker, so that's probably right. It doesn't really matter.

I am sorry to say that apparently Dream Dresser is no more. There are plenty of alternative sources online for that sort of stuff, though, and I'm sure you can find them on your own.

and now back to our program

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