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stay tuned
Deceiving us has become an industrial process.
- Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Any ad consciously attended to is comical.

Ads are not meant for conscious consumption.
They are intended as subliminal pills for the subconscious in order
to exercise an hypnotic spell, especially on sociologists.

- Marshall McLuhan

Stay Tuned was an intermittent, long-running project where I commented sardonically on various bits of print and television advertising. It was a fun project, which is why I restarted it so many times, but it was easy to run out of things to say ... which is why I stopped it so many times.

It may yet come back, but ... read the final item below. At the end of 2007 it was clear that the nature of advertising itself was undergoing a sea change. As I write this (2009), that evolution is not finished; in fact, it may be barely begun. I don't rule out the idea that there will be a Stay Tuned again ... but if it happens, it will be very different, just as advertising itself will be very different.

One word about formatting. Stay Tuned was always, throughout its history, in light text on a dark gray or black background. Links and most quoted ad text were orange. In this wiki I can't easily change the background color or the link colors - but it would be a nuisance to go back and change all the orange titles and quoted text. So orange they stay.

Version 5

18 November 2007 The Decline and Fall of Push (and the Evolution of Pull)

29 July 2007 The Cult Of the Expert
23 July 2007 Buy Gum
16 July 2007 Four For Bridge: Russell Stover Snickers at Adult Diaper Dum-Dums
9 July 2007 Why Are You Surprised?
25 June 2007 Miracle and Wonder
18 June 2007 Stir-Fried Random: Seven Songs About Seven Foodstuffs (Plus One)
11 June 2007 Meat the Summer
3 June 2007 Why Bother, and Other Findings
22 May 2007 Avatars: A Brief Conversation
13 May 2007 Mother's Day, the Visible Behemoth, and Razors Redux
30 April 2007 One Good Ad
22 April 2007 Rag and Bone Buffet: Coins, Sandwich Kits, Razors, and Other Bad Ideas
16 April 2007 Philately and Numismatics
9 April 2007 Participative Paper and Perspiration
1 April 2007 Easter Report: Tie-Ins, Star Wars, and the Peeps Front
26 March 2007 Things That Annoy My Wife, and Other Delights
19 March 2007 Circularity: Irish Cleaning Mascara OTC
11 March 2007 Who Owns the Bake-Off?: More Perils of Pillsbury Culture
6 March 2007 Elapsed Time: Goulet, Contessa, Cheesecake, Goldfish, and Whopperettes

Version 4

13 July - 6 November 2000:
It's Not Easy Being Green/Cran*America/
Who Knows?/Sputnik!/
Pruning Old Names/Barbie Report/
Cat of Nine Tales/More Cattiness/
Postcards from the Edge

Version 3

9 november 99 good ad, bad ad
18 october 99 it's the millennium report!
14 september 99 of biases and lies
31 august 99 polaroid becomes increasingly disposable
29 august 99 dream of the millionaire
25 august 99 toaster pastry research report

Version 2

6 september 98 wonderful world of copy
30 august 98 ad design for dummies
23 august 98 skin, mascots, and breakfast
16 august 98 parents vs. ad culture
9 august 98 why follow the money?
2 august 98 marriage and martha stewart
26 july 98 short tidbits of note
19 july 98 latest news in kid-packaging
12 july 98 mailbox of sneaky tricks
5 july 98 a short razor review
28 june 98 some marketing myths exploded
21 june 98 national food system revisited
14 june 98 neither hunting nor gathering
7 june 98 of corporations and cancer
31 may 98 hype and giant reptiles
24 may 98 lots of tiny fragments
17 may 98 care for a beverage?
10 may 98 fake fat, fake tolerance
3 may 98 fondue in a bag
26 april 98 rag and bone buffet
12 april 98 changes in the acceptable
5 april 98 journeys into darkest mailbag
29 march 98 everyone's overcooking their words
22 march 98 remembrance of jeans past
15 march 98 pictures of useless things
1 march 98 the more things change ...
22 february 98 kills germs on impact
15 february 98 a valentine's day exercise
8 february 98 jeremiad for an olympiad
1 february 98 product from another planet
25 january 98 more dubious grocery discoveries
11 january 98 land of lost confections
5 january 98 the national food system
28 december 97 why we get malled
14 december 97 a strand of tinsel
7 december 97 icky christmas recipe report
30 november 97 the toy front dispatch
23 november 97 cry me a riven
16 november 97 a short pre-seasonal rant
9 november 97 random observations about cookies
2 november 97 some bad new ideas
26 october 97 pitfalls of pillsbury culture
19 october 97 intel is tragically unhip
12 october 97 the cult of mcdonalds

Version 1

5 october 97 one last set of odds and ends
28 september 97 fact checking, set dressing, and critic's disease
21 september 97 soup tales, trend watch, and a bad aroma
14 september 97 Selling Female
7 september 97 trend watch, bad poetry, and sloppy (joe) emoting
31 august 97 it all tastes the same anyway (a short screed)
24 august 97 a visit to the stomach lining
17 august 97 we return after hiatus with much miscellany
27 july 97 line extension, extruded goo, and diapers
20 july 97 grocery stores and other miscellanea
13 july 97 pre-cooked bacon, razors, and crockery
6 july 97 Sweeping Olestra Under the Rug
29 june 97 amazing can opener and mutant pickles
22 june 97 film overpromotion, and bad credit
15 june 97 fungus-free, kitty pate, and the pepsi plate
8 june 97 bath tissue, flag cookies, and coin tricks
  plus: Drugged Out and Climbing the Pyramid
1 june 97 cereal, more cereal, and the squibb vendetta
25 may 97 Corporate Schizophrenia
18 may 97 bad copy, cholesterol report, and the giant frog
11 may 97 no java, domain games: web matters
4 may 97 the lost world of cereal; k-y gets sexy
27 april 97 milk and potatoes, and some gender issues
20 april 97 The Cold War
13 april 97 still more tampons, and the doll museum
6 april 97 more tampons, and bad ideas in food
30 march 97 Official McRules
23 march 97 trend watch, and an appearance from fabio
16 march 97 tampons, plus a lot of miscellania
9 march 97 cheesegoo, cereal, and the fine print
2 march 97 trend watch, strange bedfellows, and the grease patrol
  plus: Green Means Healthy and Absolut Self-Effacement

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