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Yankee Doodle Daffy


Summary: Daffy, agent to the stars, attempts to sell Porky on his young client.

Director: Friz Freleng

Writer: Tedd Pierce

Featuring: Daffy Duck; Porky Pig.


0:21 Sound cue: "Yankee Doodle," natch.

0:35 If "Smeller Productions" is a joke on a real production company of that era, I haven't been able to trace it. Sound cue: "You Ought To Be In Pictures."

0:51 The sound cue as Daffy runs back and forth is so much like Raymond Scott's "The Penguin" that I have eventually decided to add it to the Scott tally. (The music as Daffy runs toward Porky is a very literal quote from "The Penguin"; as he runs down to the far end of the room, not so much.)

1:16 One source gives the sound cue as Daffy introduces himself and his client as "Hang Onto Your Lids, Kids" - a Harold Arlen contribution I had not previously heard of. Since I can't identify it for sure, here is your grain of salt. Porky has what is intended to be an Academy Award statuette on his bookshelf, but it's not quite the right shape (which may be deliberate, since its design is trademarked).

1:19 Daffy's card has marquee lights on it. "WY O182" is meant to be a telephone number from the time of exchange names - the WY would be 99 - but the phone number is missing a digit, again perhaps deliberately.

1:27 Sweater girl.

1:31 "One might even go so far as to say ... he's mediocre." That's going so far you fall off and come back around the other end!

1:37 Sleepy LaGoon's sound cue: "Puddin' Head Jones." Vintage recording.

1:53 "... a four-bar vamp ..." To "vamp" in music is to improvise bridging or filler material. Daffy means the orchestra will fake a brief bit of introductory music.

2:01 Sound cue: "I'm Just Wild About Harry." May be the only time in these cartoons this much of the actual lyrics are heard!

2:09 "That's just a rough idea, you understand."

2:18 The kid thinks Daffy is a ham.

2:41 The kid thinks Daffy is a screwball.

2:50 IMDb says the banjo solo is "Frat" and it isn't. It's understandable, since when this shows up in other cartoons, it is usually a one-man-band cue. When I identify it I'll come back and correct this.

3:17 Daffy is dressed as Carmen Miranda, and is about to do his fiendishly accurate imitation of her.

3:33 The kid thinks Daffy is corny.

3:52 Sound cue: "Laugh, Clown, Laugh." It's hard to say who Daffy is imitating as it veers somewhere between Caruso and Al Jolson.

4:06 Sound cue: Daffy sings his own "I'm a Cowboy" lyrics to the tune of old standby "Cheyenne."

4:30 Sound cue: A brief hint of "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy" from the Cagney film (see Offreel).

4:38 Sound cue: "We Watch the Skyways."

4:58 Sound cue: "Angel in Disguise." For a considerably more raucous take on this number, try Back Alley Oproar.

5:17 Sound cue: Daffy makes up his own lyrics to the overture from "William Tell," before ending ...

5:27 ... with a joke on "Beat Me, Daddy, Eight To the Bar".

5:42 Sound cue: The Offenbach can-can.

6:11 Sleepy keeps his lollipop in a banjo case. His song: "In the Garden of My Heart."


The title of this cartoon is a joke on the 1942 Warner film Yankee Doodle Dandy, starring James Cagney. That film (which is loosely about the life of George Cohan) has nothing in common with this cartoon except the title, and possibly brief bit of the music from a hit song from the film.

Sleepy's singing voice was done by Billy Bletcher.

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