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Tortoise Beats Hare


Summary: Bugs challenges Cecil Turtle to a race. The title predicts the outcome.

Director: Tex Avery

Writer: Dave Monahan

Featuring: Bugs Bunny.


0:22 This may be the only case in one of these cartoons where a character interacts with the opening credits. The sound cue (used here and throughout, in several variations) is "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush," plus a dose of "Ten Little Indians" which has almost the same melody ("Michael Finnegan").

2:28 Sound cue: The traditional "Call to the Post" from horse races. Bugs calls the turtle "Seabiscuit," a mocking reference to a famous race horse.

2:57 This is what the Bell Telephone logo looked like at the time, except it is now the "Bell Turtlephone Co." and the bell says "Turtle System" instead of "Bell System." (Once upon a time, children, this company controlled all telephone communications in America.)

3:34 Sound cue during the telephone montage is apparently from Mendelssohn's "Athalie" overture, but I have not verified this firsthand.

5:34 The line "We do this kind of stuff to him all through the picture" will be stolen and used by Bugs himself later that year in Wabbit Twouble.

7:41 The turtles' "Ehh ... it's a possibility!" is a line from comic actor Artie Auerbach, as his radio character Mr. Kitzel.


This is considered to be the third appearance of Bugs, although he is never named as such anywhere in the cartoon (Cecil calls him "Speedy").

This is the first of three appearances of Cecil Turtle, the other two being Tortoise Wins by a Hare and Rabbit Transit, which on the Golden Collection DVDs is the very next cartoon .... Cecil is the only character who wins against Bugs every time they face off!

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