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Slick Hare


Summary: Elmer is a waiter at the Mocrumbo club who needs fried rabbit in twenty minutes - or else.

Director: Friz Freleng

Writer: Michael Maltese and Tedd Pierce

Featuring: Elmer Fudd; Bugs Bunny.


0:21 Sound cue in the credits: "But I Did."

0:39 Sound cue during establishing shots: "Oh, But I Do." Re "Mocrumbo" see Offreel.

0:55 The Leopold in "Leopold and his Chifafa Five" is revealed to be conductor Leopold Stokowski, wearing the same hair-net joke as in Hollywood Steps Out, but incorrectly conducting with a baton (which Stokowski never used).

1:03 Sound cue: The tune that plays on the jukebox is theoretically "Nagasaki," but is almost too fast to tell.

1:12 The gentleman being served the steak is Gregory Peck. Sound cue: "A Gal in Calico."

1:21 The gentleman attempting to pay for a drink with a typewriter is Ray Milland. This is a reference to a scene in "Lost Weekend," where Milland plays an alcoholic who at one point, desperate for money, tries to pawn his typewriter. Incidentally, the bartender's voice in this scene is said to be Mel Blanc's normal speaking voice.

1:34 Frank Sinatra is shown as being so skinny he can fit down a straw.

1:42 "A Gal in Calico" again. Elmer Fudd's customer is Humphrey Bogart.

2:08 "Or else." Bogart puts a Thompson submachine gun ("Tommy gun") on the table.

2:24 The carrot crate label says they were grown in the Imperial Valley, which is probable - in fact, it, and not the Coachella Valley, is the actual location of the "big carrot festival" Bugs would try to get to a few years later. Note the condition of the kitchen in this sequence (see Offreel).

2:35 Sound cue: "A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich, and You," followed immediately by "All the Time" when Bugs says "that's mighty neighborly ...."

2:46 "... all he has to do is just whistle." This is a joke on a famous Lauren Bacall line (to Bogart) in To Have and Have Not. You know how to whistle, don't you?

2:54 Sound cue: "About a Quarter to Nine." Notice that Bugs is wearing gloves even though he is holding a pair. When he makes a hasty exit later, he puts on those gloves over his gloves.

3:44 Bugs as Groucho Marx, with Harpo on his left (from our point of view) and Chico on his right. Then Elmer impersonates Harpo. "Let me get out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini" (or variants) is a line a lot of people associate with Groucho, but it seems to have actually been said on film by Mae West, and its true origin is unclear.

4:01 Bugs tries to escape (initially doing the Groucho crouch-walk) but runs into the expansive girth of Sydney Greenstreet.

4:09 Carmen Miranda emerges from the dressing room.

4:18 Carmen performs "Sambaiana." After she leaves the stage, Bugs continues to dance to it, including motions which match the percussion instruments heard at the same time - rubbing the carrot to the sound of the cuíca (a drum whose skin is rubbed), and chewing it to the sound of a ganzá or some other shaker.

7:18 "Baby will just have to have a ham sandwich instead." "Baby," seen in the next scene, is Lauren Bacall (who by then was married to Bogart). Sound cue: "A Gal in Calico" again.


The "Mocrumbo" club is a parody of the real-life Mocambo club. Apparently stars gravitated to the Mocambo in the late 1940's the way they had to Ciro's in the early 1940's. (Contrast the establishing shots - the aerial view with spotlights and the expensive-dinner-easy-payments gag - to the similar opening of Hollywood Steps Out five years earlier.)

Michael Maltese was apparently able to get into the actual kitchen of the Mocambo while scripting this cartoon, and had the animators depict what he actually saw there - which unfortunately included dripping grease, a cracked floor, vegetables piled on the floor, so on. The restaurant was not happy. "I almost got my ass in a sling!" said Maltese.

Impressionist Dave Barry provided the voice of Bogart.

This cartoon was made in the hair oil era, when "slick hair" was the fashion for men.

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