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Katnip Kollege


Summary: A cat is shunned by his classmates and teachers until he can get some swingin' rhythm.

Director: Cal Dalton & Cal Howard

Writer: Dave Monahan

Featuring: No regulars.


This cartoon was apparently mostly an excuse to directly reuse a number of songs from Warner movie soundtracks, all of which are now pretty obscure.

Wikipedia: "The featured song, 'Easy as Rollin' Off a Log' by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl, is sung by Johnnie 'Scat' Davis and Mabel Todd in the film Over the Goal. Other songs used include 'You're an Education' by Al Dubin and Harry Warren which was written for, but never used in Warner Brothers' 1938 feature film Gold Diggers in Paris and the Richard A. Whiting/Johnny Mercer song 'We're Working our Way through College' from Warner Brothers' 1937 feature Varsity Show."

To Wikipedia's page I would add "Let That Be a Lesson to You," by Whiting and Mercer. In fact that and "As Easy As Rolling Off a Log" are the two obvious vocal performances; I'm not sure what bits of the other two are used, and where.

IMDb also credits "Scattin' With Mr. Bear," but I feel that identifying a particular scat sequence as being definitely one composition or another is a fool's errand. (If anyone wants to set me straight, though, feel free.)

I haven't listed timings because the two obvious vocal performances are obvious, and the other music is anyone's guess.

Although there are some voice cast listings lurking about, they seem to be based on who is singing the numbers (i.e. we know Johnnie Davis and Mabel Todd are singing "As Easy As Rolling Off a Log" because of Over the Goal.) The few bits of spoken dialogue are another matter entirely. The female cat's is a reasonable match for Mabel Todd's singing voice; the hero's is not. Mel Blanc had joined the Schlesinger crew by then, so some of the spoken lines could be him.

On the Golden Collection DVDs, this cartoon has only a Blue Ribbon title card, indicating that the original titles could not be found or could not be restored.

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