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Duck! Rabbit, Duck!


Summary: Bugs and Daffy each try to convince Elmer to hunt the other.

Director: Chuck Jones

Writer: Michael Maltese

Featuring: Elmer Fudd; Bugs Bunny; Daffy Duck.


0:19 The opening sound cue here, unlike the other two cartoons in this set, is not Carl Stalling's "What's Up, Doc" but is apparently Albert Gumble's "Winter," a composition I haven't heard outside this cartoon (so take that with a grain of salt).

0:40 Sound cue: Amid the hunting calls, Daffy is humming "La Vie en Rose" as he destroys "duck season" signs.

0:58 Sound cue: Elmer arrives singing "A-Hunting We Will Go." This theme is reused later in the cartoon.

2:34 Sound cue: "The Alphabet Song" while Bugs spells "fricasseeing" for Daffy.

5:55 "It's baseball season!"

6:04 Sound cue: "Frat," as Elmer chases the baseball.

6:38 "You're despicable."


See the Rabbit Seasoning page for full details on this trilogy of cartoons and how to tell them apart.

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