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Deduce, You Say


Summary: Daffy Duck, as Dorlock Holmes, attempts to solve the case of the Shropshire Slasher.

Director: Chuck Jones

Writer: Michael Maltese

Featuring: Daffy Duck; Porky Pig.


0:19 We hear the chimes of Big Ben under the titles.

0:44 In this Sherlock Holmes parody, Daffy is "Dorlock Homes" (even though it sounds like they say "Holmes" throughout), Porky is "Watkins" instead of Watson, and they live on "Beeker St" instead of Baker St.

0:56 Holmes is not deducting in the reasoning sense, but is finding new and creative ways to deduct amounts from his "beastly old income tax." Both he and Watkins are depicted wearing dressing gowns and smoking caps.

1:26 The beaded curtain and other vaguely Asian/Indian touches are actually correct; London of Holmes' era had a great fascination with such things, and Watson had an especial taste for them because of his military service in India.

1:28 Daffy means curare poisoning. The "Coldcream Guards" is a joke on the Coldstream Guards.

2:05 The Shropshire Slasher (who is probably not from Shropshire county, but one never knows) writes his telegram's H's the way he would say them (or not say them). A "toff" is a snob, someone who makes a point of showing how upper-class they are. The Slasher is no toff, but he's tough. (Only an American would try to make this pun.)

2:26 Sound cue: "A-Hunting We Will Go."

2:47 "Selzer's Water" is not just a joke on selzer water but also on producer and nemesis Ed Selzer.

3:18 Ascot refers to both the famous Royal Ascot horse race (and the track where it is held, but usually people just mean it for the one race) and a style of necktie, hence the "Ascot knot." (Of course Daffy is just improvising to get her fingerprints; it's unlikely that any of the patrons of Henry the Eighth's Fifth would be allowed into the Royal Ascot.) Sound cue: Mozart's Piano Sonata #16. (It doesn't count as Raymond Scott's "In an 18th Century Drawing Room" unless we hear more of it than the Mozart bit.)

3:32 "This cove's annoying me!" Cove: man, fellow. Not necessarily derogatory.

3:45 Sound cue: "Little Brown Jug." "Hot buttered gin" is my favorite line in this cartoon. (Non-drinkers: It would be unspeakably nasty. Daffy probably meant to order a hot buttered rum.) Porky orders a nut brown October ale (a beer never known to mankind), "over the rocks" (should be "on," and besides, beer is never served over ice, especially not in England.)

3:55 Daffy is trying to say "costermonger," a fruit and vegetable merchant. (Originally someone who sold "costards," apples.)

4:14 Sound cue: This is the music behind the nursery rhyme/carol "Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat ..." If it has another name, I don't know it.

5:36 "I'm gonna tackle you a capello!" "A capella" means with just voices, not musical instruments; I'm sure Daffy means "unarmed" here, but god alone knows what phrase he was actually trying to use.

6:22 Somewhere in here is a sound cue for "That Wonderful Mother of Mine."

6:30 Things that come out of Daffy's pockets when he's being thrashed: His magnifying lens, a pistol, bones, thumbtacks, a watch, pencils, a notebook, a billfold, coins, hairpins, a pair of glasses, a pipe, a comb, a nail clipper, a matchbook, a key, a doll, dice, a pair of scissors, a baseball, a banana, a toothbrush ....

6:53 Holmes never actually said, "Elementary, my dear Watson."


You would think a cartoon with this much comedy potential would actually be better than it is.

June Foray did the voice of the Slasher's mum.

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