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Broom-Stick Bunny


Summary: Bugs is out trick-or-treating as a witch and runs into a real one.

Director: Chuck Jones

Writer: Tedd Pierce

Featuring: Bugs Bunny.


0:33 "A.F. of Elves" is a joke on the American Federation of Labor, which at the time was in the process of becoming half of what is now the AFL-CIO. (This cartoon was released in 1956, but made in 1955; the merger was in early December of 1955.)

0:46 Sound cue: This is likely the only time in a Warner cartoon you ever hear anyone sing frequent cue "A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich, and You," albeit not with the actual lyrics.

1:49 We're not going to count Bugs' witch costume as a Bugs in Drag point, especially since he doesn't intend to fool Witch Hazel with it.

3:19 Sound cue under "She may not be very pretty now ...": "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby."

4:33 "Hi-ho, Sliver!" is of course a joke on the Lone Ranger's "Hi-ho, Silver!" Pity she got her sweeping broom by mistake ....

6:25 Sound cue: A rather triumphant "Oh! You Beautiful Doll."


This is the second of three cartoons with the Witch Hazel character. In the first, Bewitched Bunny, June Foray didn't want to do the voice, even though Chuck Jones wanted her to reprise her work as Witch Hazel in the Donald Duck cartoon "Trick or Treat." (Foray was worried the Disney studio would be mad at her.) Bea Benaderet did the voice there. A year later, Jones was able to convince Foray to do the part.

Foray does both the witch voice and the voice after she is beautified. According to an interview with Foray in DVD commentary, the witch's appearance in that scene is a cartoon version of Foray as well - you be the judge).

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