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Baby Buggy Bunny


Summary: Gangster "Baby Face" Finster has to impersonate an actual baby to get his loot back from Bugs.

Director: Chuck Jones

Writer: Michael Maltese

Featuring: Bugs Bunny.


1:50 Sound cue: Bugs sings "We're In the Money."

1:57 Seeing that it's an infant, Bugs changes his usual line to "What's up, pediatrician?"

2:00 Sound cue: "Hearts and Flowers" (then again in a lower key for the second written note). (When IMDb credits "Wintermärchen" by Alfons Czibulka, this is what they mean.)

3:45 "Hopalong Finster" is a joke on Hopalong Cassidy. The sequence with the gun has been cut on various squeamish television airings.

4:02 Bugs sings "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" to Finster, although the music is more Brahms' Lullaby-ish.

5:13 "Baby Face" Finster is a reference to actual gangster "Baby Face" Nelson - although quite a bit more literal!

5:34 Even though Bugs knows perfectly well that Finster is no baby at this point, the baby-shaking sequence is the sequence most likely to be cut by squeamish broadcasters today, probably because they assume it will give kids bad ideas about their younger siblings or some such.


A lot of the music in this cartoon sounds like it should be a known cue but isn't, like the almost-but-not-quite "Bye Baby Bunting" used throughout. This is a Milt Franklyn score, and he tended to go in for the odd cues considerably less often than Stalling did.

The people who give the Golden Raspberry Awards felt that the 2006 film Little Man stole the plot of this cartoon, to the extent that it won their award for Worst Remake or Rip-Off that year.

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