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A Corny Concerto


Summary: Two musical numbers are acted out in a nose-thumbing to Fantasia.

Director: Bob Clampett

Writer: Frank Tashlin

Featuring: Elmer Fudd; Bugs Bunny; Porky Pig.


0:22 "Corny-gie Hall" is of course a joke on Carnegie Hall. The sound cue is Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1.

0:50 The silhouetted figure walking up the terraced podium is a direct visual reference to Deems Taylor's entrance in Fantasia.

1:12 "... as it wolls awound and awound ... and it comes out here." This is a reference to the popular song "The Music Goes Round and Round."

1:22 Like the man says, "Tales Fwom the Vienna Woods" is a waltz by Johann Stwauss. Er, Strauss.

1:53 The choice of vividly pastel backgrounds, rather than realistic forest coloring, is another nod to Fantasia and indicates this is more of a stylized ballet set than an actual environment.

3:54 Notice that Bugs attempts a ballet leap and falls down, off in the distance.

4:09 "The Beautiful Bwue Danube" makes this an all-Strauss concert.

4:14 The flower falling into the water and spinning is a direct visual reference to part of the "Waltz of the Flowers" sequence in the "Nutcracker Suite" portion of Fantasia.

4:37 The backgrounds in this section bear a strong resemblance to the "Pastoral" portion of Fantasia.

6:17 The third cygnet is revealed to have an outboard motor. The vulture rejects the duck as "4F" (unfit for military service, in the parlance of the time).

6:27 The fact that the backgrounds are clearly being reused is an advantage to the story here; we know what is supposed to happen at this low-lying branch already.

7:01 The fighter plane the duck is shown to resemble is a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk.

7:05 The duck startles two trees from Disney's Silly Symphony "Flowers and Trees."


This cartoon is a direct shot at Disney's Fantasia, which came out in 1940. Elmer Fudd's narration and clothing are meant to parody Deems Taylor's introductions in Fantasia, a fact which won't be quite as evident to people who saw Fantasia anywhere before the year 2000, when most of Taylor's speeches were put back in after having been cut for many decades. In addition to the narration and the generally similar structure, there are a number of sight gags noted above which are direct pokes at Disney.

This was the first Warner cartoon to feature more than two of their main recurring characters. This happened very seldom, the other notable example being the "Wabbit Season" trilogy (see Rabbit Seasoning.) This is also the only cartoon in the classic Warner canon to star both Bugs and Porky (apart from "Porky's Hare Hunt," which was back in 1936 before Bugs was completely developed as that character). My personal theory is that normally it would have been Elmer hunting Bugs, but they needed Elmer to play Deems Taylor.

This cartoon was named one of the "fifty greatest cartoons" in a vote of 1000 animation professionals in 1994.

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