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Very, very calligraphic. But there are some familiar faces here. Give it a go before reading past the photo. You've seen all four, believe it or not.


The leftmost character is HOME (you last saw it on the Imperial sign); to its right is PASTRY; and to the right of that is GARDEN.

gu1a bing3 yuan2a

I say "the leftmost" because this sign is surely to be read right to left. Putting "pastry house" in the correct order is a big hint. Also, "yuen" is not unreasonable for the sound of GARDEN. The rightmost character is usually "tao" or "tou" (pronounced "toe"), which is a bit of a reach to Ho, but even so.

I had originally mistaken that rightmost character for a similar one meaning "frivolous." This is another reason it's good to have test readers - someone pointed out that, in fact, it's the same character as the "peach" in the Peach Farm. You might go back and compare; they are as different as night from day, yet the same. Oops.

To add to my shame at not getting this sooner, it's entirely possible that this Peach Garden bears the same working relationship to the Peach Farm restaurant (which is actually Peach Garden, you'll recall) as the China Pearl bakery does to its restaurant. All of these business are less than a block from one another.

The Peach Garden makes a lot more sense than the Frivolous Garden, that's for sure.


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