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Big fiction is over in the Works area, but I have all sort of little things in my journal which I am noting here as I find and/or relink them. This is probably a more efficient way to get at them than Category:Fiction, which also picks up entries about my fiction that you may not want.

Links to fairy tales or folktales from my journal.
Lies Beneath the Skin june 99
The Devil's Breeches july 99
A "magistrate" tale july 99
The Tale of the Forbidden Pearl november 99
(there are some translation notes after it in the following entry)
pihua/200103/entry11.htm - Samson march 01
(This doesn't really fit the category, but then, it fits all the others even more poorly. See also Jacob.)

Links to transgender fiction and poetry from my journal.
Hecate's Curse (H false start) july 99
5:38 AM december 99
scherzi/200006/entry22.htm - At the RMV june 00
Gender In the Dark july 2005, written may 98

Links to various ephemera from my journal, in no special order.
These may be on a page with something else, but you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what's what.
The Green Bed july 98
Time Management (On the Subway) september 98
All My Friends Can Write Dirty But Me october 98
Consolation posted january 99, written 1989
Helen and Menelaus (plus a fragment of Columbinas Inferno) march 99
Iphigenia march 99
"pavement" doggereljune 99
Four short insomnia poems posted september 99, written ages ago
Braille january 00
Barometric Omens posted february 00, written 1994
A short poem in two languages march 00
scherzi/200005/entry12.htm - Time as a Fifteen-Degree Grade posted may 00, written november 96
scherzi/200005/entry13.htm - Sublimation posted may 00, written, oh, god, 1988 or 89
scherzi/200101/entry3.htm - Once Daily, By Mouth and To Whom It May january 01
pihua/200202/entry1.htm - Competence february 02
pihua/200210/entry9.htm - Prox story fragment october 02
Ode To The Joyce Kilmer Service Area july 2005, written september 1993
Casting Couch june 2009, written january 2000

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