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When I changed over to "Scherzi & Sospiri" (Jokes and Sighs) I intended a very schizophrenic format. Pages which were my navel-gazing angst were going to be white text on black; outward-looking pages where I observed the world were black-on-white, and the two had layouts which were the complete opposite of one another.

That didn't work out - I don't remember why now, but I bet it's because people didn't like the black pages; I get complaints every time I do light-on-dark - but it's just as well it didn't, because I developed a layout based on musical notation and vintage engravings that I am still very pleased with, to this day. (For a citation of where the engravings came from, see this entry.)

(Why not keep it? Because it was a fairly elaborate layout to use on a day-to-day basis, alas.)

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