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The LiveJournal Years

Or, How I Learned to Place Convenience Over Independence

I used LiveJournal extensively for close to four years. I still, as of this writing, check it every day because I have a friendslist there which covers seven-tenths of what I read on the web every morning. I have nothing against LiveJournal per se.

So why am I not still keeping a journal there?

Well, for one thing, I am not assured of its long-term stability. LJ has never been particularly profitable in the English-speaking world. It is profitable in Russia, so when LJ was bought by a Russian company (in 2008, if I recall correctly) I assumed that the days of its non-Russian operations were numbered. Even though this has not happened as of this writing, I still assume that; I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop.

I also have seen several episodes where LJ staff were both high-handed and inconsistent about censoring or banning content; I am not always pleased with their server stability; I don't like the way they handle tagging of entries or searching; I don't care for the fact that I have to use an unwieldy third-party tool to obtain a complete backup of my journal there (and even that is flawed enough that I had to resort to fairly drastic measures to preserve some information, such as what icons were used on what entries).

But none of that is the real reason. There are ultimately two reasons I moved back to my home base from LJ. One is external to any problems I may or may not have had with LJ itself; the other is personal and indefensible.

1. Nobody outside LJ takes LJ seriously. I could write Pulitzer-winning material and no one on any internet-famous weblog anywhere would ever see it, much less link it. This is because LJ has a reputation of being a den of hormonal adolescents, members of various fandoms, furries, slashers, and other undesirables. It has a reputation of being a den of drama and angst. Quite a lot of that reputation is deserved, but not all of it.

It's a shame that LJ's reputation is muddied so, because LJ is a pretty good piece of software that, by and large, does what it's supposed to fairly well.

2. They're my words. They should live on my site. Plain and simple. What do I pay to keep a website for, if not to put my own work on it?

Since I have kept my set of LJ icons to go with the entries in their new home, I feel I should reproduce the icon credits here. Most of them are not mine and I don't want anyone to feel I am not giving them proper acknowledgement.

is from Cleolinda of Movies in Fifteen Minutes and is a quote from the M15M version of The Prestige.
is Cleolinda again and is from the M15M Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (The girls are reacting to their first sighting of Cedric Diggory.)
is Cleolinda yet again and is also from the above.
is Rich Hall getting digusted with Gyles Brandreth on "QI" and was made by erin_icons.
is Rich Hall immediately after asserting that Venus is made entirely of felt, and is erin_icons again.
is Jo Brand on "QI" and is erin_icons again.
is Richard Hammond on "Top Gear" and was made by xhan104.
is the phrase you don't want to hear on "Top Gear" and was made by likefluffy.
is Richard Hammond expressing some wordless emotion and was made by kayumite.
is part of Stephen Fry explaining the rules of "QI" and was made for me by Nonelvis.
is Jeremy Clarkson's famous (and frequent) last words from "Top Gear" and was made for me by Nonelvis.
is an existential conundrum from redscharlach.
is from "Apartment 3-G" and was made for me by Nonelvis.
is from "Stone Soup" and was made for me by Nonelvis.
is a snippet of a self-portrait.
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