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Everything on this site except the contents of talk pages was written by the site owner unless otherwise noted. I own it and I get really nasty when someone steals it.

I realize we are now entering our second generation of humans who reach their majority without acquiring the least bit of respect for other people's property, who give utterly no thought to the idea that they should have to pay for anything when they can just loot and pillage, and in general behave as though they were raised by wolves.

Be that may, until such time as these people bring about the decline of civilization, I insist on these simple rules:

  • If you post any of this material onto another site without my express permission, even with attribution, you stole it.
  • If you attempt to use any of this material in or as a basis for a derivative work of your own, you stole it and you are a vandal to boot.

Don't do either of these things. If you want people to see this work - thank you! I appreciate the compliment - link to this site.


The posts you make on talk pages here are yours. I don't own them and I won't reprint them or reuse them anywhere without getting your express permission.

Anyone vandalizing anyone else's talk posts will be first be reverted, then banned, then hunted down and shot.

Other People's

I am a big fan of Fair Use. If you want to quote copyrighted work for purposes of criticism or comment, go right ahead. But remember that this is theoretically a public space and walk with care. Would you want to see an entire essay of yours appear on someone's podunk web site without your permission? I thought not.

Keep excerpts brief, and always attribute them properly - so we know you are quoting and not trying to pass someone else's work off as your own.

You may also want to read the other two germane bits of boilerplate, the privacy/anonymity policy and the general disclaimer.

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