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Alewife Bayou was the name of my journal back when it grew out of various reflections on being an expatriate Louisianian in New England.

The explanation for the title was contained in a brief bit of prose which wandered around the site and eventually landed here, under the heading "That Little Trickle Of Water."

The logo above and the "stamp" images were drawn by the talented Katharine Mills, with whom I have since lost touch (alas!)


About "Postcards" and "Stamps"

When the journal started they were supposed to be "postcards" - brief vignettes. I don't do brief well, and eventually it was clear it was becoming a full-fledged journal. At one point, each entry had an image that looked like a postage stamp. Gradually these were replaced (several times), eventually ending with the facial expression icons used here now. This leaves a few cryptic references to the stamp changes (since I've gone back and applied the facial-expression set retroactively).

About "The Millennium Game"

This was a contest to see who could collect the most millennial mentions from our melodramatic media. Information density killed it. Although the contest began at the beginning of 1998, it quickly became clear that the millennial and Y2K hype would be too much to track. Also, the Y2K stuff was really beginning to disturb me (I didn't expect rioting, but I did expect that a number of vital systems would fail). When I lost the fourth page of updates while trying to create the fifth page, I called that a sign from above and scrapped the whole thing. Some of its better fragments are here.

About "Thinking Aloud" AKA "the webring"

Thinking Aloud was a small ring of online journals I tried to run for a while. The reasons I killed it can be found summarized here. It was not a total loss, though. The CGI script which ran the webring was called Ringleader, and it was the genesis of the Nibelung webring system, which, though very dusty, is still ticking along today.

About "Twenty Questions"

Another tragically doomed project. This was a weekly trivia quiz. I wanted to get back the feel of running trivia games on a primeval online network from pre-internet days (that was SO MUCH FUN) but the web is not the medium for it, and without any real positive feedback, the overhead was too much to bear. It might fly today but, eh, not gonna try. (I do wish I had kept the graphics for it, though, which I felt were pretty slick.)

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