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File:Open.png I Owe An Explanation     30 October
File:Open.png It Hasn't Gotten Less Crazy     28 October

File:Open.png Convergent Streams     22 September
File:Open.png What I Have Come To Realize     16 September

File:Closed.png How My Light Is Spent     18 August
File:Open.png So It's Like This     15 August

File:Open.png A Song of Blood and Pain     27 July
File:Open.png Stray Trip Thoughts     22 July
File:Open.png Suspicion of the Big Rec     21 July
File:Open.png Catch Basin     5 July

File:Open.png Suppression     31 May
File:Open.png Clippings     21 May
File:Open.png Mind Reading     12 May
File:Open.png Ten Years     2 May

File:Open.png Against Optimism     28 April
File:Open.png Witness Relocation Program     12 April
File:Open.png Unaddressable     6 April
File:Open.png Checking In     4 April

File:Open.png Relative Jargon     22 March
File:Open.png No Right     17 March
File:Open.png Small Conclusions     15 March
File:Open.png This Is Important     15 March
File:Open.png How My Light Is Spent     10 March
File:Open.png The Ashtray     8 March

File:Open.png Shot Own Feet     23 February
File:Open.png The Number 3 Pencil     10 February
File:Open.png Rift     8 February
File:Open.png Very Little Surplus     8 February

File:Open.png Egypt     28 January
File:Open.png Brief Note     26 January
File:Open.png Blessedly Punctured     18 January
File:Open.png Two Reactions     18 January
File:Open.png Dear Bethesda Softworks:     13 January
File:Open.png Grievances     10 January
File:Open.png Film Comment     7 January
File:Open.png Why Wasn't I Consulted?     6 January
File:Open.png Manga (and Cake)     5 January
File:Open.png Neut Netrality     4 January
File:Open.png Sorry     3 January
File:Open.png Not Great     1 January

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