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May 1999

I saw a lot of movies. I had a lot of fits. I changed clothes.

File:Open.png It seems to be summer 31 May 1999
File:Open.png Robin shall restore AMNDs 29 May 1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png You can't have her back 28 May 1999
File:Open.png Funny how important this is 27 May 1999
File:Open.png inappropriate designations     27/05/1999
File:Open.png Aching and waking 26 May 1999
File:Open.png Returning to the scene of the crime 25 May 1999
File:Open.png moving notice     24/05/1999
File:Open.png i will i will not     23/05/1999
File:Open.png one real, one frivolous     22/05/1999
File:Open.png the skeleton in the closet     21/05/1999
File:Open.png of books and conversations     21/05/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png i would, i wouldn't, i might     20/05/1999
File:Open.png stagnation and jargon     19/05/1999
File:Open.png heels, infants, and greys     17/05/1999
File:Open.png holes in my head     17/05/1999
File:Open.png deliberate drift     17/05/1999
File:Open.png the begrimed mirror     16/05/1999
File:Open.png walking in circles     15/05/1999
File:Open.png there is no solution     15/05/1999
File:Open.png michigan and the tide     14/05/1999
File:Open.png sex, glamour, and pregnancy     13/05/1999
File:Open.png us and them     13/05/1999
File:Open.png brief photographic pointer     12/05/1999
File:Open.png fortunes and glamour     12/05/1999
File:Open.png the bold and the free     11/05/1999
File:Open.png meta-ranting     10/05/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png no illusions     10/05/1999
File:Open.png cameraphobia, hair, and email     09/05/1999
File:Open.png the mummy     08/05/1999
File:Open.png intermission     07/05/1999
File:Open.png webstuff and shoes     07/05/1999
File:Open.png laura, pamie, and molly     06/05/1999
File:Open.png more prenuptial pondering     05/05/1999
File:Open.png movies till dawn     05/05/1999
File:Open.png estonian dead letter office     04/05/1999
File:Open.png work and marriage     04/05/1999
File:Open.png the phantom backlash     02/05/1999
File:Open.png a language for comparison     01/05/1999
File:Open.png three beers, three pancakes     01/05/1999

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