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March 1999

I forget to eat. I birth a Muse. I think about Shakespeare. I talk about poetry and permission. I have a period of retreat.

File:Closed.png File:Closed.png a tale of two deborahs     31/03/1999
File:Open.png small epiphanies and overthinking     30/03/1999
File:Open.png freshly mixed words     30/03/1999
File:Open.png that sinking feeling     29/03/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png the curious quadruped     26/03/1999
File:Open.png foolish consistency     25/03/1999
File:Open.png poor conversational odds     25/03/1999
File:Open.png pardon my darkness     24/03/1999
File:Open.png blackout and fishbowl     23/03/1999
File:Open.png four voices     23/03/1999
File:Open.png emendations     22/03/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png who gave you permission?     22/03/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png clio, helen, and gretchen     21/03/1999
File:Open.png that old vague     21/03/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png a story for elizabeth     19/03/1999
File:Open.png strategic regrouping     19/03/1999
File:Open.png no more than three     18/03/1999
File:Open.png this is just to say     18/03/1999
File:Open.png one friend thrice, and virtues of opinion     17/03/1999
File:Open.png shakespeare soup (part two)     16/03/1999
File:Open.png shakespeare soup (part one)     16/03/1999
File:Open.png mostly melissa     15/03/1999
File:Open.png false dates, lost pets, and Clio     14/03/1999
File:Open.png truly, madly, randomly     12/03/1999
File:Open.png sleep, brainspin, and dorothy     11/03/1999
File:Open.png birth, death, and clio     08/03/1999
File:Open.png too good to succeed     05/03/1999
File:Open.png brush burn     05/03/1999
File:Open.png focus and random     03/03/1999
File:Open.png various absences     02/03/1999
File:Open.png cruft and ferrets     01/03/1999

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