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January 1999

Insomnia, bitterness, food, femininity, spelling, pronunciation, and fiction.

File:Open.png white rabbits, tuesday coats, and too much data     29/01/1999
File:Open.png adventures in cooking     28/01/1999
File:Open.png a sleepless night in the closed loop     28/01/1999
File:Open.png reading rereading     28/01/1999
File:Open.png gossip and metagossip     26/01/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png little words and Ivy     25/01/1999
File:Open.png occam's depilatory     24/01/1999
File:Open.png comfort food and childish pleasures     22/01/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png dear dad:     21/01/1999
File:Open.png satire is dead (long live irony)     20/01/1999
File:Open.png dirdidrani     19/01/1999
File:Open.png the tale of one bad cat     19/01/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png splinter of the mind's attic     18/01/1999
File:Open.png low truths from hightower     17/01/1999
File:Open.png curried pecan rice     16/01/1999
File:Open.png this dog won't hunt     16/01/1999
File:Open.png survey says     15/01/1999
File:Open.png solipsist timelines     15/01/1999
File:Open.png new faces and wine     14/01/1999
File:Open.png ignoring the record     14/01/1999
File:Open.png but the rates stay the same     14/01/1999
File:Open.png rushing to judgment     13/01/1999
File:Open.png spell that again, please?     13/01/1999
File:Open.png sleeping (not sleeping)     12/01/1999
File:Open.png [sic]     11/01/1999
File:Open.png who's who in my universe     10/01/1999
File:Open.png plumbing and schizophrenia     08/01/1999
File:Open.png oh, look - snow     08/01/1999
File:Open.png apathy and interest     08/01/1999
File:Open.png consolation     06/01/1999
File:Open.png lucinda and other fragments     05/01/1999
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png i met a man who wasn't there     05/01/1999
File:Open.png it doesn't take much     05/01/1999
File:Open.png the gypsy, waning     04/01/1999
File:Open.png the email dance     04/01/1999
File:Open.png holy moses     04/01/1999
File:Open.png disneyfication     03/01/1999

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