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December 1998

Mostly I played Half-Life and went on a road trip.

File:Open.png film night at the homestead     31/12/1998
File:Open.png how to catch up     30/12/1998
File:Open.png trolls, ducks, zebras, and armadillos     30/12/1998
File:Open.png losing stamina     28/12/1998
File:Open.png the ice storm     26/12/1998
File:Open.png names, food, and ski madness     22/12/1998
File:Open.png logistics and the massive mall     21/12/1998
File:Open.png leave of absence     21/12/1998
File:Open.png lacuna decembris     18/12/1998
File:Open.png bombs and the mirror     17/12/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png tuesday     16/12/1998
File:Open.png a burp in the system     14/12/1998
File:Open.png spun sugar     11/12/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png half alive     11/12/1998
File:Open.png doldrums, milo     10/12/1998
File:Open.png still lost in gameland     09/12/1998
File:Open.png confessions of an addict     08/12/1998
File:Open.png wait five minutes, it'll change     07/12/1998
File:Open.png calm after the storm     05/12/1998
File:Open.png verily i may scream     04/12/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png carol me this     04/12/1998
File:Open.png somber sides and food failures     03/12/1998
File:Open.png gas drugs lodging this exit     02/12/1998
File:Open.png sunshine, yams, and snowy scams     01/12/1998

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