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November 1998

Low-level illness in waves. Movies help. Social voids were pondered. Thanksgiving was tackled monumentally.

File:Open.png thanksgiving recollected     30/11/1998
File:Open.png journally jottings     30/11/1998
File:Open.png bugs and commandments     29/11/1998
File:Open.png grasshoppers, turkeys, and other object lessons     25/11/1998
File:Open.png we owe you a reality check     24/11/1998
File:Open.png technical difficulties     24/11/1998
File:Open.png keeping ledgers, keeping counsel     23/11/1998
File:Open.png the void reply     20/11/1998
File:Open.png marking off time     20/11/1998
File:Open.png new coat of paint     19/11/1998
File:Open.png deliberate abuse     19/11/1998
File:Open.png home sick mortal no return     18/11/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png don't look at me     17/11/1998
File:Open.png blind spots     16/11/1998
File:Open.png dateline: the future     13/11/1998
File:Open.png talking to the names     12/11/1998
File:Open.png unisex sins and oz     12/11/1998
File:Open.png sins and shoes and safety stickers     10/11/1998
File:Open.png song of the cranky em-dash     09/11/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png off to see the wizard     07/11/1998
File:Open.png sugar, bagels, and sundries     06/11/1998
File:Open.png we the congress     05/11/1998
File:Open.png pssst!     04/11/1998
File:Open.png danger - contains campaign finance     04/11/1998
File:Open.png votes and alterations     03/11/1998
File:Open.png what's to protest?     02/11/1998
File:Open.png slipshod samhain     02/11/1998

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