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October 1998

Bible stories, Ursula, rings, redesigns, random, a fair bit of fiction, a Hallowe'en gender meltdown, and a poem.

File:Open.png lovely and turbulent     30/10/1998
File:Open.png makeup make-up     29/10/1998
File:Open.png facial faults     29/10/1998
File:Open.png basics and sudden insights     27/10/1998
File:Open.png sluts and mothers     26/10/1998
File:Open.png toy fetish dolls!     24/10/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png metadreaming     24/10/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png housecleaning (and topsy)     23/10/1998
File:Open.png grew like who?     22/10/1998
File:Open.png at last the end of the story     22/10/1998
File:Open.png running in circles     21/10/1998
File:Open.png lovely weather and vicarious lives     20/10/1998
File:Open.png milk, women, and Klingons     19/10/1998
File:Open.png save time - write your own     18/10/1998
File:Open.png a slew of alterations     18/10/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png neutered by ursula     16/10/1998
File:Open.png i must mess with something immediately     16/10/1998
File:Open.png rings and bibles     16/10/1998
File:Open.png morning miscellany     15/10/1998
File:Open.png jacob again, and those who read     15/10/1998
File:Open.png copyright and mickey mouse     14/10/1998
File:Open.png jacob?     14/10/1998
File:Open.png protecting my brainwork     13/10/1998
File:Open.png the impostors     11/10/1998
File:Open.png the left hand nags the right     10/10/1998
File:Open.png oh, shucks (part two)     09/10/1998
File:Open.png oh, shucks     09/10/1998
File:Open.png Heroines     09/10/1998
File:Open.png extra plumbing     08/10/1998
File:Open.png thoughts of the involuntarily muted     08/10/1998
File:Open.png nothing ever happens at the diner     07/10/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png unwiring Columbine's brain     06/10/1998
File:Open.png go look at the photos     06/10/1998
File:Open.png can I go hide now?     05/10/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png a regular customer gets burned     02/10/1998
File:Open.png quick, the light is going     01/10/1998
File:Open.png conversation of ideas     01/10/1998

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