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September 1998

The weather cools and I try to run in all directions at once. There is an election and a lunch.
At the end, connections fail and all lines are busy.

File:Open.png i seldom dream of trains     30/09/1998
File:Open.png i'm getting too annoyed     29/09/1998
File:Open.png mushroom hair     28/09/1998
File:Open.png while you were out     28/09/1998
File:Open.png i am exceedingly angry     24/09/1998
File:Open.png danish to manson to starr     24/09/1998
File:Open.png late-breaking urinary news     23/09/1998
File:Open.png disgustingly unproductive     23/09/1998
File:Open.png annoyed and not annoyed     22/09/1998
File:Open.png lapse of millennial confidence     22/09/1998
File:Open.png stored babble     21/09/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png agreement isn't normality     19/09/1998
File:Open.png short subjects     18/09/1998
File:Open.png falling out of contact     17/09/1998
File:Open.png bits of mail     16/09/1998
File:Open.png knowledge vs. intelligence     16/09/1998
File:Open.png showing intelligence (and meeting it)     16/09/1998
File:Open.png how we vote here     15/09/1998
File:Open.png electioneering     14/09/1998
File:Open.png semi-detached brain     13/09/1998
File:Open.png a trip to freeport     13/09/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png patterns and climaxes     11/09/1998
File:Open.png no free web space     10/09/1998
File:Open.png four seasons of columbine     10/09/1998
File:Open.png strange hubris     09/09/1998
File:Open.png empty milestones     08/09/1998
File:Open.png back from the long weekend     08/09/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png office after hours     05/09/1998
File:Open.png soap opera     04/09/1998
File:Open.png sleep is suddenly not enticing     04/09/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png when salesmen call at dusk     03/09/1998
File:Open.png it's all the other things     02/09/1998
File:Open.png time management (on the subway)     02/09/1998
File:Open.png all information is global     01/09/1998

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