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July 1998

The heat helps subsurface tensions come to a dangerous level. Eventually matters come to a head.
There is a relaxing road trip and in the end the weather cools a little.

File:Open.png i love overcast skies 07/31/1998
File:Open.png australian stamps are not cool 07/30/1998
File:Open.png the green bed 07/30/1998
File:Open.png redecorated 07/30/1998
File:Open.png report from NYC 07/28/1998
File:Open.png an unexpected discrepancy 07/21/1998
File:Open.png the car spa 07/20/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png the great hair crisis 07/20/1998
File:Open.png windows art project 07/17/1998
File:Open.png sushi after dark 07/16/1998
File:Open.png not jumping off a bridge 07/16/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png place to meet a drag queen 07/15/1998
File:Open.png forced to earn a living 07/15/1998
File:Open.png zero hour comments 07/13/1998
File:Open.png the keys to my head 07/13/1998
File:Open.png mobile shredding window 07/10/1998
File:Open.png two sets of propaganda 07/09/1998
File:Open.png two shards of lyric 07/09/1998
File:Open.png i hate re-editing 07/08/1998
File:Open.png good frank and bad frank 07/08/1998
File:Open.png unrepentantly unsympathetic 07/08/1998
File:Open.png finding the web everywhere 07/07/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png only southerners respect scarlett 07/07/1998
File:Open.png we only remember failures 07/06/1998
File:Open.png wine and fireworks 07/05/1998
File:Open.png email anxiety 07/04/1998
File:Open.png i will never get enough feedback 07/03/1998
File:Open.png men forget that style counts 07/02/1998
File:Open.png it won't make a good movie 07/01/1998
File:Open.png hangover without fun 07/01/1998

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