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June 1998

I dreamed a lot more then, or maybe I just remembered it more. I slept too late.
I still hadn't given up on online sex. I thought about gender more, but then I also dared more.
We were in the old apartment. A fine haze of heat covers all the memories.

File:Open.png strange VR sex politics 06/30/1998
File:Open.png fat happy fish dream 06/30/1998
File:Open.png a most vivid dream 06/29/1998
File:Open.png i despise laundry 06/27/1998
File:Open.png experimenting with ICQ 06/26/1998
File:Open.png non-air-conditioned cats 06/24/1998
File:Open.png if you met columbine 06/24/1998
File:Open.png it never occurred to me to ask 06/23/1998
File:Open.png the geek-judo trick 06/23/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png i wish you'd touch my hair 06/23/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png i am not interested in extremists 06/22/1998
File:Open.png it's a conspiracy 06/19/1998
File:Open.png besieged by the sheetrock brigade 06/19/1998
File:Open.png forty-six things to do 06/18/1998
File:Open.png industrious landlords 06/18/1998
File:Open.png the funeral was a mistake 06/17/1998
File:Open.png it gets uglier with time 06/17/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png eyeball always wet 06/17/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png fighting over nothing 06/16/1998
File:Open.png i can't get humiliated 06/15/1998
File:Open.png might as well get wet 06/15/1998
File:Open.png bubbly afterglow 06/15/1998
File:Open.png File:Rosette.png in a car (rain) 06/13/1998
File:Open.png some men are lustable 06/12/1998
File:Open.png the drab crossdresser06/12/1998
File:Open.png leg-shaving marathon 06/12/1998
File:Open.png the new occupational hazards 06/11/1998
File:Open.png half-asleep dreams 06/11/1998

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