Circular Cruises

From Eccentric Flower

Circular Cruises
or, essays to nowhere in particular

Information Please
Each of these items is a multi-page project unto itself.
They were designed to be useful and provocative.
Ideally they're also entertaining, but mileage may vary.


The Book of John
plumbing the mysteries of the flush toilet

Basic Boozery
alcoholic beverages 101

holidays, calendars, and a cranky muse

Mei Wah (Mei Hua)
eating in Chinese


Extended Musings
These were (and are) various items which I considered either
too long or too coherent to place in my journal.
They're arranged by age, oldest at bottom.
Some are better than others.


Prog Rock
personal history of a semi-mythical creature

Dollar Draw
a game, but possibly not a very good one

March Gaming
three essays on computer games:
  On User-Directed Narratives
  Token Trading, Colored Locks, and Pixel Hunts
  Five Conflicts

This Is Not Art
but your mileage may vary

Don't Call Me, Ishmael
that book still pisses me off

a very bad sign

Dumping Core
things everybody should know - maybe

The Trouble With Harry
the sins of j. k. rowling, circa 2000

Melville, Classics, and Me
or, how I learned to love the whale

it's biblical and all that

A Childhood In Libraries
made me what i am today

why, this is hell, nor am i out of it

Sixteen Pigeonholes
myers and briggs are also on my list

Refusing Religion
or at least refusing dogma

Al Capp, Liberalism, and Vermont
exactly what it says it's about

in which i retell a very odd dream

Not Disposed To Mourn
why i'm not very good with death

Reality Doesn't Count
i'd rather make up stuff

Judging Covers
i don't care if i look like money

Trusting Science
i don't, not particularly

You Could Look It Up
dictionaries and that dictionary

the numeric kind


Expat Leftovers
These short bits predate my online journal-keeping.
If they seem overly preoccupied with the differences
between north and south, that's because
that's what my website was all about back in 1997.
Everything else came later.
(Why five of them are about food/drink is another question.)
With one exception, these are the oldest work remaining on this website.


No Exit


That's Not Cooking

Have It My Way

Unreal Estate

Science As Religion

Good Food, Bad Food


Coffee, Tea, and Beer

Food North and South

Persistent Mythology

Racists and Glass Houses

Southern Women and Feminism

Quotes are from "Confessions of a Sea-Lubber" by Jean Kerr.

All pieces are under copyright by the author as of the date given in the item.

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